Industrial property

Is your company looking for quality business premises? View the Global Estate Group’s industrial projects.

Industrial projects

No one can benefit from dormant sites or vacant buildings. The Global Estate Group transforms these old sites into attractive and affordable business units. Our group produces (new) high-quality industrial constructions, such as commercial/industrial units, multi-activity buildings, production areas and warehouses.

Ready for a new role

We renovate old buildings and building plots or demolish disused buildings to build new business premises. We have experience working with vacant and, in some cases, contaminated sites. To avoid exposing end users to any risks, our experts perform extensive soil analyses. After comprehensive soil remediation, we create new and safe workplace environments. All our completed industrial projects are energy-efficient, versatile and close to major traffic routes.

Want to see more?

View all our completed industrial projects or get in touch with us for more information. Are you looking for new workspace for your SME? We can also assist you with this.