Industrial real estate

Is your company looking for quality business units? Discover the achievements of the Global Estate Group in industrial construction.

Our references in industrial construction

No one can benefit from dormant sites or vacant buildings. The Global Estate Group transforms these old sites into attractive and affordable business units. Our group produces (new) high-quality industrial constructions, such as commercial/industrial units, multi-activity buildings, production areas and warehouses.

Ready for a new role

We can renovate old buildings and construction plots, or demolish to entire site and build new business units. This might involve vacant land, but could also refer to contaminated land. Because we do not want to expose the end users to any risk, our experts carry out extensive soil analyses. After thorough soil remediation, we create new and safe areas for employment. All our completed projects in industrial construction, are energy efficient, flexible and close to major access roads.

Want to see more?

View all our references in industrial construction, or contact us for more information. Are you yourself looking for a new workspace for your SME? We can even help you with this!